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The Best Way to Travel Abroad on a Budget?

  1. Shil1978 profile image93
    Shil1978posted 6 years ago

    The Best Way to Travel Abroad on a Budget?

  2. Louis Hub profile image56
    Louis Hubposted 6 years ago

    Inquiry different travel agencies, book hotel and flight on your own.

  3. quickbooker profile image63
    quickbookerposted 6 years ago

    Inquiry as many as travel agency you can. Try to bargain on hotel rates, sightseeing packages, never book any package which include lunch or dinner in your hotel it is always expensive. Take your lunch & dinner while exploring the city and you can enjoy different cuisines at lower price as well. Book your flight at your own.

  4. Lukyman profile image60
    Lukymanposted 6 years ago

    An idea about travel, check as many web sites for airline routes as possible.  If there are several different airports within 100 miles of your home try the air portion using different airport departures.  Same with destinations and hotels.  If you have the time and like to relax, look at positioning cruse (Europe to US in fall or vice versa in spring)  This is when a ship is moved from say the Caribbean in winter to Europe in summer.  The rooms are almost always really inexpensive and it can prove to be an economical way to get there.  One warning, the ship has you hostage for that length of time, so you can possibly run up a large shipboard tab (drinks, specialty restaurants, shows...). 

    I agree with other comments about meals in hotels, you can usually find small establishments near by with excellent food for a lot less.  Another idea for sight seeing is to see if the city operated a circle tour (jump on jump off) with set bus stops  and a bus running every so often.  These are susally inexpensive and a good way to see a city.

  5. lacducoeur profile image60
    lacducoeurposted 6 years ago

    If you're travelling through France then stay with us http://www.activity-holidays.net also there are lots of links on the resources page on our website for traveling around the rest of the world.
    My Twitter, facebook pages etc have lots of contacts for travelling please feel free to contact me if I can help.

    best of luck with your travels,