Should I move to Seattle?

  1. Reptarking17 profile image60
    Reptarking17posted 6 years ago

    Should I move to Seattle?

  2. FlowOfThought profile image61
    FlowOfThoughtposted 6 years ago

    well, where do you live now? Personally, I think Seattle is awesome, I enjoy going there, but the streets are terrible, thats my only complaint. Do not drive in the city if you can avoid it.

  3. Ciel Clark profile image74
    Ciel Clarkposted 6 years ago

    Ha!  I saw this question and was going to answer almost the same as the first person.  I lived there for a few years (on Lake Union) and it is a very cool and interesting area.  City, beach, different neighborhoods--very nice.  But the traffic can be annoying--lots of roads getting jammed together as they go through downtown.
    I'd live there again.