Are there any budget friendly singles travel groups without a "party" atmosphere

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    Availiasvisionposted 5 years ago

    Are there any budget friendly singles travel groups without a "party" atmosphere?

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    Rossogrossoposted 5 years ago

    Thanks for reading my Hub, it really means a lot to me. That is a good question. I am no travel tour expert, but I would venture to guess, that most tours that would market themselves as for singles would have a bit of a party orientation. I don't party as such myself, but I like to see people enjoying themselves. It can be a little annoying when the tour guide is explaining some facet of culture or history and the bozos in back of the bus are misbehaving and being a bit loud. This tour was certainly not for singles by any stretch of the imagination: most of the people were married couples, but who cares? I was having a great time meeting people and making friends everywhere I went. I personally would think that a "singles tour" might be kind of a drag: it seems there would be this expectation to meet a mate rather than just enjoy the trip. A two week long, blind group date!? The horror, the horror. Aren't regular dates difficult enough? I would just book myself on a tour or go to China on my own and let things take their course. If you are looking for budget, group tours are not the way to go: this one cost $4100 for 18 days (including 3 days transit: 12 hour flight to Beijing+crossing International Date Line/18 hour+return trip Shanghai-Beijing-San Francisco). The upshot is not having to fuss with figuring out transportation, hotels, attractions your self. And the hotels were all 4 Star Places, not one dump (although I kinda like dumps, as long as the sheets are clean).
    Sorry you asked? Anyway, I suppose it could be a market niche: Serious tours for people who can't stand loud drunks!
    Thanks again!

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    Kelly Underwoodposted 5 years ago

    There are party buses Dallas Texas. If you're interested check their website now. … allas.html