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What Are The Best Things To Do And See In Taiwan?

  1. PhoenixV profile image76
    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Are The Best Things To Do And See In Taiwan?

    What Are The Best Things To Do And See In Taiwan?

  2. Ramsa1 profile image64
    Ramsa1posted 5 years ago

    One thing I would recommend is Taroko National Park.

  3. paul pruel profile image71
    paul pruelposted 5 years ago

    Visit some of its historical places like: Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall,  Chung Tai Chan Monastery - which is the world’s tallest Buddhist temple and  the National Palace Museum. You can also visit and watch Go birdwatching - Taiwan is home to about 460 different species of birds,  Chill out for a day in Kenting National Park.  Join in the celebrations for one of many festivals taking place in the capital such as, The Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. For more details visit the link:  http://www.worldtravelguide.net/taiwan/things-to-do

  4. Paul Kuehn profile image92
    Paul Kuehnposted 5 years ago

    Taiwan is a great place to visit and it was a great place to live 30-40 years ago when I was there.  While in Taipei, I would definitely visit the 101 Building which is one of the five tallest buildings in the world.  A visit to Snake Alley in the Wanhua District would also be very interesting.  While in the Taipei area, go up into the mountains of Yangmingshan and also experierence its hot sulphur spring baths.  If you want to see some good scenery take the train to Hualien on the east coast and then take a bus across the island through Taroko Gorge to Taichung on the west coast.  When going down south you should go take the train up to Alishan (Ali Mountain) to see the sunrise, and then go down to the second biggest city of Kaohsiung.  There is a scenic lake outside of Kaohsiung Chengching Lake which is very spectacular.  There are also aborigine people you can see in the mountains.