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What Are The Best Things To See And Do In Berlin, Germany?

  1. PhoenixV profile image68
    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Are The Best Things To See And Do In Berlin, Germany?

    What Are The Best Things To See And Do In Berlin, Germany?

  2. Russell-D profile image84
    Russell-Dposted 5 years ago

    The Citadin apartment hotel. First day take city bus trip to  orient yourself. Double-deck bus drives thru old & new city, past remnants of Berlin Wall with a photo-op stop at Check Point Charlie. Pass Parks, Monuments, Cathedrals,home of the King, gigantic Radio Tower. Visit reopened Reichstag a major “awe” with its all glass paneled cone centered room, reflecting everything within its four story interior. See Brandenburg Gate on Tier Linden and nearby Holocaust Memorial and museum. Train to Museum Island, home of 3 major Museums including magnificent Pergamon with its Lobby Greek Tribunal. Stop at Neue Nationalgalire Kulturforum Potsamer Platz modern museum. Drink a liter of cold, German Weissbier (White Beer). Eat plate overfilled with oven-roasted Veal slices and a hefty helping of Sauerkraut. Take train to Potsdam where President Truman, British PM Atlee and Russia’s Josef Stalin divided Berlin and Germany into spheres of influence. Tour Schloss & Frederick 1 Castles. Relax and enjoy one of the world's great NEW cities.

  3. Wasteless Project profile image91
    Wasteless Projectposted 5 years ago

    Hi, that totally depends on what you are interested in! Tourist sights of course you will find in any travel guide. If you want to soak in a bit more of the 'real' Berlin I recommend rather other stuff...

    1. Fleamarket at Mauerpark every sunday from 7am - 5pm: awesome place to buy freaky and vintage stuff or just to enjoy the crowd who nearly all year  long does some sort of karaoke show for everybody in the amphitheatre in the park...

    2. Tuesdays and Fridays turkish market at Maybachufer, till 6pm - the athmosphere is awesome and you can snack a lot of delicious oriental food..

    3. KaDeWe - Germany's oldest (or so the tale goes) department store is a must see. And don't miss the food floor, it's just amazing!

    4. - is an exhibition and guided tour to the underworld of Berlin's metros and more... you will find guided tours at Gesundbrunnen..

    and o much more! I think I will write a hub on this soon!