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Where is a good place to live in Florida

  1. MrsGray32 profile image60
    MrsGray32posted 4 years ago

    Where is a good place to live in Florida

    We are thinking about up rooting our family of 5 and moving from Maine to Florida. There are  a lots of reasons we want to move to FL, however we're having a hard time picking a town. to start our search in.

  2. rebekahELLE profile image88
    rebekahELLEposted 4 years ago

    Before I could adequately answer your question, it would be helpful to know what kind of area you're looking for.  Florida is vast, diverse and significantly different from one coast to the other, and from Central Florida to the Northeast or Panhandle.  What is important to you?  Schools?  Easy access to the beaches?  Work/career opportunities and commute?  If you've never spent too much time here, it will be a culture shock moving from Maine.  The larger metro areas are quite multi-cultural with people from Canada, Europe, Russia, Mexico and people from around the US. Naturally there are Florida natives here also, but it's somewhat a transient state, with people moving in/moving out. All kinds of people live here for various reasons, whether work related, health related or simply wanting to live in temperate weather almost year round.  I love it here in the Tampa Bay metro area, but I've lived in Miami and Gainesville also, so I have some insight for these areas as well.  There are also quite a few hubs about Florida if you check the travel section/Florida.

    1. MrsGray32 profile image60
      MrsGray32posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Schools are important as is, safety and work opportunities.  Also would like to be close to a city yet off the beaten path.  Thanks for answering !

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    lesliebyarsposted 4 years ago

    Definitely Cocoa Beach. It's one of the top beaches in the state and Orlando is right down the road.