Is Mars a good place to live in?

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    Blake Charltonposted 17 months ago

    Is Mars a good place to live in?

    Mars would be a cold place to live in, which would mean you have to keep warm somehow and there is 12 hours 46 minutes in a day. Skipping the negatives for mars, there is more land on mars speaking Earth is mostly water. Would you live there

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    ankita debposted 17 months ago

    When u say that there is more land than water then do you really think living there is advicible. I mean, its cold damn cold; men needs time to get used to that temparature rather a lot time. Then, u see earth is a planet of 3/4th of its area covered with water still in many countries men struggle to drink a drop and mars being already a water scarce planet...just think of it how do we manage there. But ofcourse, it could be a good tourist spot , rather a kind a hill station for many

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    CYong74posted 16 months ago

    Even if there are protective, domed utopias any of us could afford to live in, Mars is still not the place because of the constant threat. Any breakdown of the protective equipment and it's a life and death situation for you and everyone around you.

    And it's not just the cold too. The dust storms. The radiation. Etc.