Hi, Hubby and I just decided we want to go on a cruise.

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    Brendajaxposted 11 months ago

    Hi, Hubby and I just decided we want to go on a cruise.

    Looking for the best month and destination that leaves from NY or Boston. Having a difficult time finding a balcony room to a warm destination on such a late date booking.We like attractions more than beaches and you have so much information here it's amazing  but hard to put  it all together for me (rain,hurricane,temeratureect.).All I can find is a Bahama cruise and  I have never heard of anything special about there except the beaches.

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    dashingscorpioposted 11 months ago


    Most U.S. cruises especially Caribbean Cruises are focused on islands known for beautiful beaches and water activities.
    Having said that most islands also have shopping spots, restaurants, and some guided tours of points of interest.
    Since you didn't mention what types of "attractions" you guys are into it's impossible to know what (you) would consider to be worthwhile. Some of the bigger ships are a destination themselves. The Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships offer various attractions onboard (wall climbing, zip-line, Broadway plays, ice skating, water diving show, nightclubs, stand up comedy, casino, specialty restaurants, live music and numerous other forms of entertainment and activities.
    If you want to explore large cities and so forth you might opt to fly to Texas and catch a cruise that goes to New Orleans or you might take one on the east coast that goes Miami, the Florida Keys, and possibly Cuba or Puerto Rico. Certainly those destinations would have a variety of attractions.
    However it's European and Mediterranean cruises that offer the most bang for the buck regarding site seeing cultural attractions. (Barcelona, France, Rome, Greece ..etc)