What's the voltage in Kiev compared to the US?

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    newcarter32posted 10 days ago

    I’m already preparing for my trip to Kiev. I will only be there for a week. I’m just accompanying my cousin who’s joining a dating tour being held there. Now, I was wondering if the country had the same electric voltage as the US. Here, the local standard voltage is 110V. Is it the same in there? Do I need to get a converter or something before I can plug anything?

    I wanted to make sure that I had all the things that I needed before flying to another continent. I’ll be there for a week so I would need to charge my phone and laptop, use the shaver, those kind of things without blowing anything up.

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      wildernessposted 9 days agoin reply to this

      https://ukraine-kiev-tour.com/ukraine_s … twork.html

      I've found that most chargers - phone, shaver, the small ones - but not the computer power pack, work find on 220 volts.   Check the label on the charger.  You will need a plug adapter, though, and they are readily available through Amazon.  Suggest that you take some kind of multiple outlet to plug in and run several chargers, etc. on it.  Hair dryers are a problem as most adapters won't handle the current requirements - we bought a 110/220 volt dryer just for the European trip.