Wanted! Advice for Travel: Exploring California's Best Destinations

  1. Chase Chartier profile image84
    Chase Chartierposted 2 months ago

    As a northern Californian who spent several years studying in southern California, I got to experience a little bit of both worlds. Both regions have great places to visit, but my time to explore them all was limited. I'm no longer living in So-Cal, and there's a chance I might be moving out of state in a few years. So....

    My goal is to do one last road trip around California to experience all the sites. This will most likely consist of destinations along the coast, national parks, and different mountain ranges to hike. I'll be traveling by car and the journey would start in Redding.

    What I need is advice on pretty much anything pertaining to this adventure. Think destinations, travel routes, budgeting, hiking gear, hotels, restaurants, and literally anything else you could imagine I'd need to prepare for this.

    I wanna hear your ideas below in the comment section!!!