The Trip To USA

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  1. bluegrass profile image59
    bluegrassposted 8 years ago

    The Trip to USA
    Zhao Jianyu
    Returned from the United States for nearly two years, and the reason why there is a review period of the census this time memorable moments, because I think a lot of times we deliberately or not to define what, just that we commemorate on is enough .
    The summer of 2008, I am honored to participate in the "Stilwell" American Cultural Exchange Summer Camp, to the beautiful Oregon (Oregon) Island capital Salem boarding a month, in the meantime, I not only learned to get along with Americans optimistic, cheerful The Road and where cultural diversity, but also deeply impressed by this experience brought me immeasurable impact.
    I remember the day before to Salem is a very clear day, is the host parents and Claudia take me, when I was suddenly discovered that I have come here, this is the United States. Only a few days here, I looked very carefully, remember the host family at the moment I entered, said a cry: Welcome to our home.'s Face lit with a smile, then I was moved to not work.
    American diet is very customary, not lavish meals, no hot pepper sauce, but I got there after, host family was very friendly doing a variety of rich food, they know that China's food is very rich, they are working hard to try, I was very moved.
    At the beginning of the trip was arranged litters, visited the capital of Oregon office, visit the famous local Willamette University College, even to those who hand in the church of Americans curious about China making them grow, sometimes quietly thought in mind, realize that this the United States.
    Remember the capital of Oregon office building, a lot of steps in the board, finally to the highest point of the municipal building, Tour guide (from Xian Chinese), introduced in English and Chinese that respect on the roof of the bronze statue is said the statue symbolizes the first visit of each Oregon and in Oregon more than 33 states before becoming the first people to commemorate their contributions. Look around, Salem panoramic views of the city, It's really wonderful to watch down the views. Later, the House of Representatives visited the participants at the meeting place, tour guide said that the United States is open to all legislative bodies, any one of our Chinese people to see up very sacred places are open. Then she introduced some of the U.S. political system and the difference between this and China is indeed very different, I think I need to briefly look at: the Senate has 60 members, the House of Representatives with 30 members, the fact that a law must Senate and House of Representatives for the first time, the second reading, voting, and finally, after the governor to enter into force upon signature, and the parts are independent and achieve a separation of powers.
    There is also the famous Willamette University College, it is a beautiful university, in fact, the environment, the United States really is too pretty, camera everywhere and Memorial. Floating sun shade, running water away noisy, all school buildings are no more than three floors, although slightly hot weather, but no reduction in students enthusiasm for life there. Impressive is the last met here have been taught a 21-year book of Chinese teachers, talked about how this school, how expensive, how difficult and so on.
    Really surprised the first time in the first week or the weekend and the host family to go hiking with the time that the lake was called ELK Lake, located in Salem, West. I was impressed by the scenery there. Light blue sky in the distance is endless forests, occasionally climbing on the birds in your flash head, you will feel happy. A person living in tents at night, thinking about random things, I like the feeling of exile, such as sleeping bags, listening to mp3, watching the stars over night, if boring, you can make a wish, in that environment , I would definitely dream come true.
    For the first time and personally try to see how to set up tents, and then for the first time in the field produced by eating their dinner, then who will be sleeping bags, the total exposure to the field, watching the starry sky.
    The next day a man sitting in the lake, some slightly intense sun, I looked at the sky, in wondering why so many Americans will enjoy life, but I can not find the answer, then why I was laughing at me such a stupid idea. And two American guys with a boat plan, which is their own band, and then shared their very different lives, sometimes, I also do not mind pretending to look like, but I still admire, I admire. Young people in the United States will not recognize students, they are willing to deal with people, I am very grateful to them that ordinary set my boat, I really appreciate the beautiful countryside in the United States and Americans born leisurely character.
    Now think of that is a real field environment, the English called: wildness, was trying to explain this, because in that environment, people can give birth to fires, roasting their favorite food, took a leisurely rocking chair to enjoy the sun , occasionally boring can swim in the lake under the swimming, I do not know if this is called life.
    Then another thought is that most language environment, and almost every day for a long time he was completely immersed in the English environment, sometimes in English that much, you will think of your national language is really moving backwards, now remember that time in the United States qq space when written, many grammatical errors, a little funny. When the host family and go shopping at the supermarket, sometimes instinct will tell the Chinese, then the presence of everyone is back to look at you, you will know you are very embarrassed.
      People go abroad, especially to a native English-speaking country, you would feel if he would in another language, there will be how proud, and those with students in China to the United States than in some public places, you It is no taboo of talking things you want to say, no one cares, because in itself is a blend of country family name.
    Went to the beach and see the Pacific Ocean, but it is in my Western, not Eastern. Oregon's water was freezing cold, I went twice, once in uniform Full day trip, the other one is and the host family weekend in the last week, where all the endless source of fascination for me, two to go are In the absence of the sun's cloudy, the wind blink, and the host family's that is a bay called Lincoln City. We sat down with the rock, cute Hendrik barefoot on the beach and sea at the junction of running, he would like to try as much as possible at the time the tide goes down the beach, but also in the Bay when the tide ran back to keep water his feet wet, I was so moved by the innocence, they are certainly not aware that they have such a happy childhood, so superior environment. The same lovely Claudia, played in the sand behind her brother, only occasional bigger wave of wet her clothes, she will be screaming and running around, and in front of my camera showing a row of white teeth, bright smile.
    I will not forget that when I stepped on a sea of people along the beach toward the soft my host dad and mom, I still imagine a man with bare feet, laughing at the beach enjoy the scene, the distance over and over again The tide beat rocks, thrown up the white foam, touched my every nerve, I imagine the parting, making it possible to enjoy now and not tired for the future. Then mom came over, smiled, and I said: Walking along the beach can let me think of a lot of things that I have ever been into. She patted my shoulder, saying softly: I always think that if we keep going across the sea that is now right standing front of us, we can reach China, that's China. these words really touched my speechless, I can only smile.
    Exchange of the second week of the weekend plans to visit Oregon town of Florence, is also deeply attracted me to this place, which is located south of Salem, though with the same name in Italy Florence, it is a quiet little town is saying different It is so like a child lying quietly on the pan-blue of the sea, thinking of its moisture, little silver off, there's coffee culture has been infected, without too much publicity, not too much decoration, outside the window witness all the sea breeze. This quiet town, like a harbor, a beautiful but shy. Around, then walk, then walk around, only the sea breeze away the time, selected the pendant, in a backpack, and then go home. ¬ side the amount of wind the hair disorder, distance seabirds Travel, accompanied by constant are the wave of beat, the shore of the town into a beautiful embrace. "Just one last Dance" melody, alone, and drift away, the crowd turned into black spots, only the tide has its outline in the distance like building rural, isolated populations playfulness cheers, all in touch, need a kind of appropriate silence. ¬
    The dream of the town, distant memory in a different stop, like drops of rain are not landing, pouring down. After buying souvenirs remember us, it's like a red castle in the small shop lug ice cream, I jokingly said to the owner, can take me to the RMB? She laughed. ¬
    Our ultimate cold drinks in a simple sit down, watch out is the bright paint brush landscape, Venus in the sun like many scattered, next to the hard-working shopkeepers who are busy tone with a touch of cocktail, dim the lights , may hear other people talk about quietly. Not too much to rush, just sit quietly, which I have dyed by Florence, and remembered when crossing the road, the habit of looking car, the car was found in the past been quietly away in the good is much better stopped, that is the United States, windshield cover fuzzy gentleman motioned me to go first, so when I set foot on the sidewalk opposite, heard his car in the quiet countryside music, suddenly I felt as fresh as coffee foam. Nickel Creek's minor, over and over again in my Ipod to play, like a meandering stream, like many Venus flashover, there is a smell of fish, bit by bit. ¬
    I stood there in the sea, which is a kind of beach, freezing cold, I saw far that little brother is trying blond tide comes in, as far towards the sea, but also let water soak his heels, laughter fills my ears, on this moment, I am reminded of Hendrik, the shy boy, to take the initiative to have to give up his room and let me stay here, in the exotic foreign land, and has never moved of course, Claudia, that behind her brother playing in the sand, only the occasional bigger wave of wet her clothes, she will be screaming and running around, and in front of my camera showing a row of white teeth, bright smile girl. ¬
          With the view of the sea's tidal stopped to talk, I can see is the distance elegant white church, in the processes of the hill over there alone was deserted. Distant, Hosanna familiar melody to touch the smooth side of the tide, any of those who disappeared with the slightest of sea foam that large and small footprints. Now, whenever I listen to the song Hosanna, I would think there is, and by the wind over the summer. ¬
          I was in such a soft walking on the beach, any time in the fingers slipped, I love this state, suddenly remembered the words of unfinished sentence: "This kind of wind direction, so stray." ¬
          Do not know if can go back to Florence, nothing in the parting of the moment when all seems sad, just remember that when we returned to Salem to drive the way, those casual people, our friends when on the beach, waiting for the sun slowly plug the clothes dry slowly. Beach, sea xi, in fact, no place is too special, but, when the sea breeze manic disorder hair, I can see the distant, people draped bonfire, singing songs, large and small tent behind them despite sea breeze, whenever this time, I would think that a profound difference.
    We also have a very crazy time, remember we are involved in a "pot party", I still playing with those American guys are childish game, but none of us think this is very childish, and Tristan and Alaina Feng Wan is my first thought, they will climb up your shoulder, they will suddenly grabbed the hands of your cake, and Shi Jin was put on your face, we are tired, but very happy.
    I wish those children who, after years I often wonder What will become of them, but later heard that, these children's environment in the United States, is considered normal for a.
    After a day back home from the ESL program, and some boring time, I would choose a person sitting on ultra-soft stool, looking at us like a forest as big back garden, Hendrik, and Claudia will be monkeys sometimes Like climbing a fruit tree in the backyard, and then dodge each other's holding on, then that is more than laughter, it must be Claudia caught Hendrik, there is a large backyard lawn, and I sometimes and Hendrik and Claudia playing games, they would run around in the yard, remember once, Claudia took the carpet, wrap themselves into a "mummy" and then hopped on the lawn, then let me try and very lovely, she would very lovely photo to me, push me I was completely wrapped turning their limbs can not move, then laughed, I laughed.
       In fact, many times, in the United States, the number of endless surprises every day, so many times when you simply can not find the time to let his good Quiet think about these days are doing, what, are still Fortunately, every day, also recorded a log, did not leave too many regrets.
    And Mr. Wolf went out hiking in the Farewell Party before the last day of that afternoon, it was a place where I could not utter the name of, like beauty, is in imminent departure of the environment will become some sad, we paddled our own boat, lake straight ahead until there is no depth in front of the stream, watching the shore of young people playing and swimming circle lying on the floating of the teens, I would burst out of that idea, but very stupid, I know. That day I will be very crazy to have his whole body wet (playing Tarzan of the action, but the end is in the lake), and then run a little bit in the sun waiting for clothes to be dried.
    When the Farewell Party over, I know that coming to an end soon, and we are busy to leave their contact information, we will use a black water-based pen to write each person's clothes in his own name, in honor of.
    And the host family is parting out but I do not want to write have to write the fragment, we are in communication with each other, this 3 weeks half of the time, they gave up traveling to Mexico, took me to far too many places residence not say: If you are still here, we really like to take you to more.
    I will treasure, bit by bit, to retain memory.
    Good luck, for the days that never come back.

    2008's current U.S. trip gave me brought immeasurable, and today in nearly two years, the memory Yiru general clear yesterday, host family understanding, humorous English teacher, and the American people unique lifestyle and cultural qualities, are like the breeze through glauca, pale, but give me endless experiences growing footprint of the wealth. I often think of China and the United States in great depth the reasons for differences and, perhaps one really is creating a group of water and soil, perhaps the age can make a silence, but the real gap is so inspiring, we are still on the road , then wished us a happy way.

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 8 years ago

    Though your English is a little rough -- The positive thoughts come through.

    It was a little difficult to understand some of the details of your message, but it is a very interesting commentary.

    I hope your positive impressions about Americans stay with you.

    People on opposite sides of an ocean are not so different. I think this is your message.

  3. Ohma profile image73
    Ohmaposted 8 years ago

    Hub It!

    1. Rochelle Frank profile image95
      Rochelle Frankposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I  would have said that too--  but it is a little hard to understand. Maybe it's just me. He might seek someone to edit it a bit.

      I think it has an important message-- just a little hard to wade through the wording.

      1. Sab Oh profile image56
        Sab Ohposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        It's not hard to understand. There is a difference between a lazy native speaker and someone doing their best to express themselves in a second language.

  4. earnestshub profile image87
    earnestshubposted 8 years ago

    A very warm story. Thank you. I enjoyed it smile

  5. profile image0
    china manposted 8 years ago

    Nice to hear about good communications and successful cultural exchanges.

    I do have an issue though - this seems to be mostly computer translated - a shorter post that was all written by yourself in English would be better and maybe even warmer smile

    Good luck and come back to the forums occasionally, many people here are very tolerant of second language writers and will chat with you.


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