Try Papua New Guinea

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    Tonybevingtonposted 7 years ago

    Much maligned and so very different to anywhere else.Exotic and unspoiled as yet.800 different languages and nearly the same with cultures.A country where you will experience the 'unexpected'. Not a place for the timid,show offs or hygiene worriers.Not cheap either.But get in touch with the people , relax and you will have the time of your life.Poor timetables and a relaxed attitude is what you get.Some of the best unspoiled and unsullied diving in the world.Walindi dive on New Britain is good.I have lived and worked there for twenty years and loved every moment.My wife is from the Eastern Highlands near Goroka but Ive been to the islands and their life styles are from the past. Coral beaches of pure white sand and no one there ! Blue clean seas and around 30 degrees!Try it and live life on the edge for a change.See if you can locate the ,Duke of York Islands on Google ?