10 reasons to come have a vacation in Puerto Rico

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    countrysidetoursposted 8 years ago

    10 reasons to come have a vacation in Puerto Rico

    How many times have you heard yourself saying, “I need a break”. Yes, I know exactly what you mean and today I would like to tell you ten reasons why you should take a vacation on the enchanted island of Puerto Rico.

    Reason # 10
    You can simply be because it is like going to another country but you don’t need a passport. You can still use U S currency and most people know English.

    Reason # 9
    You can go to the many casinos. There are so many options on the island, from big time casinos to the small yet intimate ones, there’s something to enjoy for every taste. Check out our list of Casinos in Puerto Rico and find out more.

    Reason # 8
    There are almost 20 golf courses around the island. Puerto Rico has some of the most beautiful golf courses on the Caribbean! Go check out our list of Golf locations and have some fun in the sun! See our list of Golf Locations in Puerto Rico.

    Reason # 7
    There are so many different types of beaches. You can go surfing in the west or just find calm waters in the south. For more info about our local beaches, check out our previous article, Top 10 Beaches in Puerto Rico.

    Up to now, these reasons are pretty easy to understand. Now let us take a vacation to see something that you have never seen before.

    Arecibo Observatory 
    Reason # 6
    Visiting the Arecibo Observatory and the Camuy River Caverns. Both these attractions are unique to Puerto Rico and simply a must see.

    You can take up a whole day to explore these two locations: one, a man made wonder that will leave you dreaming of the stars, and the other a naturally made wonder that will leave you in awe of the things nature has in store for you. Don't miss any of them!

    Reason # 5
    Visiting two old colonial cities like San Juan and Ponce. This reason could have been # 1 but for now lets just say that this is a historical reason.

    Reason # 4
    Basically a new attraction that many people want to experiment. It is called the luminescent bay. There are not many in the world that you can go to very easily. You have two main locations to explore here, Vieques and La Parguera Bioluminescent Bay Bioluminescent bays. Go check them out.

    Reason # 3
    I take advantage of the recent concert of Paul McCartney to say this that yes, Puerto Rico has seen top musicians and singers performing in top quality coliseums. We also have some of the greatest artistic venues, like the Puerto Rico Convention Center, and many more. Check our list of Activities and Conventions locations in Puerto Rico.

    Oh my, I have two more to go and do not which one is more important than the other. Well, here it goes.

    Reason # 2
    Taste something different like alcapurrias, bacalaitos, mavi, tamarindo, pinchos, lechon asado, pasteles and parcha. Sorry, I don’t know the Spanish translation to some. Check out our article on Eating in Puerto Rico: it will make your mouth water even if you haven't gotten here just yet.

    Reason # 1
    , is something that is easy to do but you would not think about it, if someone does not suggest it. Number 1, is to plan your vacation with the idea of staying all over the island in one week.

    Yes, think about it. You arrive at the airport in San Juan and you rent a car. You go west so you can spend a night in Arecibo. The next day go west to Rincon. The next day go south to Ponce. The next day go east to Humacao. The next day go north to Fajardo and finally back to San Juan.

    You combine these towns with sightseeing and you have a very unique experience.


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