Is Delta Airlines Showing Signs Of Sharia’ Law & Should Jews worry.

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    TMMasonposted 6 years ago

    What a laugh this is...

    Imagine the protests in the streets if Delta Airlines were to tell Muslims that they could not fly somewhere because the local customs would not permit them to enter that country?  And just how quickly would Rev. Al Sharpton be able to gather thousands to march against Delta Airlines if they would not allow black people onto their planes because the country where they were flying would not permit people of color to enter?

    Those situations are impossible to conceive because they could never happen, right?

    But Delta Airlines is facing a similar moral dilemma as they get are about to complete an alliance with Saudi Arabia. The Delta-Saudi deal means adding Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) to Delta’s SkyTeam Alliance. For the first time, this would allow Delta passengers to fly direct into Saudi Arabia, as long as passengers are not Jewish, do not have a passport from Israel or a passport that is stamped from Israel.

    This should not be tolerated, and if it was America doing it to Muslims, the Left and Islamists would be freaking out about racists and haters. Where are they on this though? … haria-law/