Road conditions from Knoxville, TN to Jamestown, NY?

  1. rlaha profile image70
    rlahaposted 6 years ago

    I will be driving from Knoxville, TN to Jamestown, NY tomorrow morning.  The routes I will be taking are 40E to 81N to 77N to 19N to 79N to 90E to 86E to get to my parents' house.  I know that in Knoxville and the surrounding areas it will be raining from tonight until tomorrow night.  I was wondering if anyone knows how the road conditions will be between 81E until 86E for tomorrow?  I will be very grateful if someone can let me know so that I can prepare myself to drive safely no matter what the conditions are.  Thanks in advance!

  2. Rafini profile image88
    Rafiniposted 6 years ago

    lol  Sorry, but you're online asking in a forum for someone to predict tomorrows road conditions based on yesterdays blizzard?  Wouldn't it make more sense to watch the weather channel or check road conditions online?  I'm really not too sure what anyone will be able to tell you about tomorrows road conditions....

    (Good luck, drive safe & have a great holiday!!)

  3. leahlefler profile image99
    leahleflerposted 6 years ago

    I live in Jamestown - no snow predicted for the near future. "Wintery mix" and rain, but no blizzards here. It is always subject to change, of course! I have no idea what the weather is like south of us, though.