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Get Ready For Your Summer Holiday

Updated on June 18, 2015

How will you decide on the perfect summer holiday?

What do you want to do on your vacation? Do you want to just sit and relax and go out in the evening and have a complete break? Or do you want a sporty fitness and active holiday water skiing, windsurfing, hanging out by the beach and going clubbing at night?

Maybe you prefer hiking in the countryside or taking your family on a biking trail and having a picnic?

Or you might want to stay in a city and visit the famous sights, galleries and museums, going to an evening entertainment event and/or dinner?

Whatever you decide to do will help you tailor the rest of your holiday break. The country, destination, and accommodation are all important factors as well in your vacation preparations.

Here's a quick checklist of things you need to organize for your summer holiday:

  1. Your travel arrangements
  2. Transport to and from the airport or station
  3. Hotel Bookings
  4. Tourist Attraction Tickets
  5. Arrange enough money for sightseeing, shopping, entertainment

Trying different water sports on holiday like wind surfing, water skiing, para gliding, can be fun!
Trying different water sports on holiday like wind surfing, water skiing, para gliding, can be fun!

First Decide What Kind Of Holiday You Want!

Here are some things to ask yourself when preparing for your summer holidays:

  • Do you want to be near the beach?
  • Do you want to be on a holiday resort catered to family vacations?
  • Do you want to go to the countryside?
  • Do you prefer a break in a famous city?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when you are planning your holiday. And deciding on what kind of vacation you want before you start planning it helps to keep you focused when choosing the flights, location, hotel and resort.

Treat yourself and go shopping at the duty free in the airport
Treat yourself and go shopping at the duty free in the airport

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Some Ideas for Summer Holiday Activities

Here are some different summer holiday activities you can do:

  • Go to the beach
  • Go out for cocktails in the evening
  • Go to an open air nightclub and theme evening
  • Go out to dinner
  • Go to see some tourist sites and museums
  • Go shopping
  • Go on a boat excursion
  • Go on a bus trip
  • Go on a jet ski
  • Go water skiing
  • Go biking around the city
  • Go rollerblading
  • Have a barbeque

Where to stay is very important?

Here are some ideas to think about when looking for the best place to stay. You have to think of the location and what kind of holiday you want to have.

  • Beach resort suited for all the family
  • Mini golf and golf holidays
  • City Holidays near the beach
  • Hotel in the center of a resort near the beach
  • Hotel in the mountains or nearby with easy access to the main beach resort or town
  • Hotel in the countryside with swimming pools and activities

Enjoy Beauty and Spa Treatments At Your Hotel Or At A Local Beauty Salon
Enjoy Beauty and Spa Treatments At Your Hotel Or At A Local Beauty Salon

Staying In A Hotel Has Many Benefits

A lot of people and families choose to stay in a hotel as they find that most holiday hotels have some sort of tourist package which includes pool side and evening entertainment and some or all meals. You also have a free hotel maid service to tidy the room, bathroom and do the beds!

Here are some of the things you can expect to find when staying at a hotel on your holiday:

Most hotels have evening entertainment programmes included for all the family and early evening activities and games for children. Plus there is usually a full animation programme for children during the day as well as sports and other fitness activities.

Getting a tourist package holiday with flights, transfers, and hotels included or buy tickets separately and then book the hotel. Get all meals included or only breakfast and half board.
Most hotels also have cots, baby toys, changing mats, wi fi boxes and games, wi fi, childrens games and books.

They also have spa facilities and on site beauticians. Plus you can choose to stay in a room, apartment or suite depending on what you want from your stay.

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Quick Checklist For Holiday Ideas

Where to go
What kind of holiday
Where to stay
Local trip
Beach Holiday
Sporty Holiday
Sightseeing Holiday
Villa Or House


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 3 years ago from SW England

      Useful reminder of various types of holidays. I like to relax in the countryside, sometimes by the sea, but I also like to see foreign cities and occasionally visit art galleries. Depends on the mood! It also depends if it's with family or with friends.

      This is a good list of holidays to consider. Ann