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Succinctly, +Barack is a technology mogul, water chemistry nerd, and a private campaigner against INSOMIA:)

Most of articles in Barack's profile will be about technology, internet marketing, swimming pool maintenance, and product reviews.

Away from writing: He rolls in skate boots; and also has a knack for swimming...

Cheers! And happy reading!



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      • Should I do my own niche site or use content site?

        Should I do my own niche site or use content site?

        2 months ago

        Hi all hubbers: I intent to start working on a new niche project and not sure whether I should start my own website or open a new account on hubapges specifically for the niche project. I will be using Amazon products...

      • One of my hub opens in a different site from Hubpages

        One of my hub opens in a different site from Hubpages

        4 months ago

        Halo, when the link to one of my hub is clicked, it opens up in a different site other than HP and the url starts with https://dengarden.com/..... instead of https://hubpages.com/....What could be the issue? Is this hub...

      • Pay day???

        Pay day???

        7 months ago

        Hi all, I hit and passed payout limit last month; which means I should have gotten my pay by 28th of this month which is yesterday but that has not happened till now. I emailed HP last night but still no communication....

      • Payout???


        13 months ago

        Hallos, I hit $50 mark mid last month, and as per my understanding hp should have paid me by 28th this month..my balance still shows all the sum i have earned. This is going to be my first salary from hp, so everyone...

      • Amazon India

        Amazon India

        21 months ago

        By any chance, is it possible to write a product review about a product in amazon india? Am concerned since the currency on display is not us dollars...Can anyone help me out on this please.

      • I made first Amazon sale

        I made first Amazon sale

        23 months ago

        Hi hubbers, I made my very first Amazon sale two days ago and you can guess how I feel right now. I know there are hubbers who make several sales a day, but this is a very big milestone to me worth sharing. This is a...

      • Search terms on Hubpages

        Search terms on Hubpages

        2 years ago

        Hi hubbers: Am figuring how to find search terms for each hub through 'My account' and 'stats' menu for each hub. All hubs stats for search terms indicate 'No search term' . Is there something that I need to configure...

      • Signing up through your own referral tracker

        Signing up through your own referral tracker

        2 years ago

        Hi, planning to open another hp account to publish hubs on a specific  niche..is it against Hubpages TOS to signup through your own referral link?

      • Spam comments

        Spam comments

        2 years ago

        I found several comments that are completely unrelated to my hubs and some are still visible on feeds. Some are posted in languanges other than English which is the only language allowed here on hubpages. Should I mark...

      • AdSense


        2 years ago

        Hellow Hubbers, just been approved for AdSense:)However, what confuses me is this statement: "Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You'll soon begin to see relevant Google ads appear on...

      • Non-spam Comments on hubs

        Non-spam Comments on hubs

        2 years ago

        Do you know there are some non spam comments on your hubs you might not be aware of since they don't show next to your profile pic?? Go to my account- comments- and then filter by spam

      • Don't you think HubPages should be a HTTP Secure??

        Don't you think HubPages should be a HTTP Secure??

        2 years ago

        Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) has a number benefits in terms of security of a website that process sensitive data and information like HubPages. Moreover; search engines such as Google today may use https...

      • Caught a Content thief

        Caught a Content thief

        2 years ago

        Through the Google Analytics Trackbacks; I found that the webpage linking to my hub has all my content from the title to the end, including the last sentence encouraging my readers to leave their comments. This merciful...

      • Amazon caps and dynamic urls

        Amazon caps and dynamic urls

        2 years ago

        Most of the products in amazon stores are available through dynamic ulrs that change regularly: I have noticed a number of products that I din't recommend showing up in my hubs. The worst part; I include product's name...

      • Hub indexing in Google

        Hub indexing in Google

        2 years ago

        Have been through confirming Google-indexed-hubs in my HP's account; I had to use the Google search with first paragraph of each hub in a quotation mark. It was a hectic experience and am wondering if there is any other...

      • Referral Trackers

        Referral Trackers

        2 years ago

        So far; I have managed to refer 3 signups through a referral tracker. And yet; I've not been approved for the AdSense program. So, my question is; will these signups be legible to accumulate earnings when I get approved...

      • Old hubs reducing in scores...

        Old hubs reducing in scores...

        2 years ago

        It doesn't make sense to me why old hubs are reducing in scores as the lately published hub's score is rising: I mean; how does a recently published hub affects other hub's score? It's a mystery here!

      • Unusual Pending approval

        Unusual Pending approval

        2 years ago

        It's very unusual for my published hubs to take more that 5hrs before being approved and featured: My last published hub has taken close to 24hrs; of which I know I should not be worried until the 24hr time frame...

      • Disadvantages of sitting: Sitting a lot means killing yourself.

        Disadvantages of sitting: Sitting a lot means killing yourself.

        2 years ago

        Today; my uncle who is a doctor visited us at home. He didn't know what I do for a living until he asked me what I was doing with my laptop. Needless to say; he loved and envied my job. But he quickly objected and said...

      • Hubpages earning program

        Hubpages earning program

        2 years ago

        I understand that you cannot be active on both Amazon associate and Hubpages Amazon earning programs at the same time: When I joined HP, I decided to opt for the Amazon associate since I had no active AdSense account....

      • Need Some Goals?

        Need Some Goals?

        2 years ago

        When editing a hub; there is the top right box titled "Need Some Goals?" , Am not sure if someone has noticed this today, but  it has mysteriously disappeared here and can't see it while in hub editing...

      • Google Adsense ads invalid clicks

        Google Adsense ads invalid clicks

        2 years ago

        Generating invalid clicks for your Adsense ads is one of the major violations Google hates; especially clicking on your own ads; I was wondering if their is a way to block tempting ads from appearing on my end only, and...

      • Squidoo + Hubpages = One

        Squidoo + Hubpages = One

        2 years ago

        Squidoo and HP are finally merging; obviously, this will receive mixed reactions from hubbers-- to me however, I don't think this is a big deal due to the content boost, link juice, etc etc for HP. My question though-...

      • Traffic from mturk.com

        Traffic from mturk.com

        2 years ago

        This may sound stupid though Lately; am getting some traffic from mturk.com; of cause it doesn't worry me, just need an explanation how this is logical, do they have some algorithm??? or is it that I have featured...

      • HubPro Beta

        HubPro Beta

        2 years ago

        Have you read about HubPro Beta (http://blog.hubpages.com/2014/07/introd … bpro-beta/)?? I believe this is one huge step to make HP the best pool of information online ---- what's your take?

      • Traffic; just a little concerned, where is your traffic coming from?

        Traffic; just a little concerned, where is your traffic coming from?

        2 years ago

        I think Google loves me; it's all red arrows here and Google.com is behind it  --- more than a few from  HP, Twitter and Hubbers (thanks hubbers:))

      • Traffic falling

        Traffic falling

        2 years ago

        traffic falling here..any suggestions to revert this please!

      • Where to get free images

        Where to get free images

        2 years ago

        Apart from Google Images, where else do you get quality free images???

      • Editing a hub permalink

        Editing a hub permalink

        2 years ago

        Hi hubbers? joined 2weeks ago; need to edit permalink of one hub; it has a mistake and I think it's affecting my hub score...can anyone help plz:)