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If you've landed here from my website...welcome! I'm not pushing any agendas, I just thought you might enjoy some light reading in between shopping for the perfect handbag. And if you didn't land here via shopping for the perfect handbag, well, you need to get right on that, as soon as you're done reading! Check me out at


I can't say I've been writing all my life, but in many ways I have been. I've always loved words. My father said I should have been a lawyer the way I like to argue with them! I've been accused of word snobbery and using big words to talk over people. I blame my first grade teacher who made me write PROCRASTINATION 100 times for not doing my math homework. It's a prideful habit using words to puff yourself up like you're better than everyone else looking over your nose at them with smarty glasses and $12 words. I'm working on breaking that habit. 

I was the geek in high school who secretly said horray when it was term paper time. I competed on my speech team in radio speaking because I loved the rush of taking a pile of news stories and putting them together for a broadcast in 15 minutes along with creating an original commercial to fit in a 2 minute broadcast slot.

I was the lead in my senior class play, was the understudy for one musical (which I never got to play) and was selected to play Nurse Ratchet in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at The University of Illinois which never made it to the stage. sigh....

If it involves words, I'm there. However, admittadly I'm terrible at keeping journals and diaries. All the best intentions only to fizzle out with a recap at the beginning of the next year and another fizzled attempt shortly to follow. I talk way too much and it makes my loving husband mad. My children all inherited this trait which will inevitably drive their spouses crazy too. But I digress...as usual.

I found I had a penchant for copywriting and put that to work at, well, work. My boss loved my writing and so I wrote lots of presentations; some I presented, and some others got to use. I used my flair for words and love of research to author a newsletter for the sales folks in the field where I worked. If we had a blog, I'd of written that too! Instead I did literary reviews.

As blogging gained more popularity I realized I needed an outlet for my random neurotic thoughts and decided it was about time to start one of my own. It's been a journey, and like my handbag designs, has evolved and become more mature I hope.  But like the many half-full diaries I've bought and never filled, I'm not so good as keeping to a regular writing schedule, something I need to work on. Inspiration comes in spurts and I'm not one to just write for the sake of putting something down because I have to. My husband is one who believes you don't need to keep talking unless you have something to say. He despises random thoughts and prefers we keep them to ourself. Otherwise you're just filling up the air with mindless chatter. He says that's what people who are uncomfortable with silence or just don't want to get serious with each other do. Don't know if I completely agree, but I get what he's trying to say. So with that in mind, what I write I've given some thought to and won't fill up your screen with mindless chit chat and will try as much as is possible not to ramble or get random on you. But if I do, please let me know. 

Was that a squirrel in the yard...

Oh, and before I forget

... please, help a struggling handbag designer not have to work two jobs to support her one very large designing, recycling purses for teardown, belt, and fabric hoarding habit! I have a sizeable inventory that needs cleaning out to make room for the designs I'm currently working on!


Of course, I'd be seriously grateful for one job right now! So if you're reading this and you need a productive, neurotic self-starter with a desire to do whatever it takes to get the job done, I'm your girl! And if it's a writer you need, someone who can really turn a twist of a phrase, use words creatively, or find just the right word to push your brand over the edge, well I've got words to spare! Plently of them! 

So that's my shameless plug for a job.

Blessings no matter what the reason you've decided to read my hub. Know that God loves you even if you don't love him yet. He believes in you even when you can't believe in him and he's speaking even when you're not listening.


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