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Some People say Two is better than one... But i say If one can make the whole world y u need the other??

I Know, im not the Perfect creature on this apocaliptic wasteland u call 'earth', But I Believe The qualities i have makes me a mere better person

My mind has a database full of emotions... It is hard to let go a feeling which tingles my senses and makes me feel Ali\/3 and Free....

Statements are to be made... Houses are to be built... Life is to be Home??
No... Life is to be Free, Filled with Responsibility and Warmess on the Soul... Mending and breaking is a choice of the hearts..

I dont make sense at times and you might think im stupid but no... I live in my world and im happy with all the little things around me which makes me Happy 

The SpECiaL someone in my Life Is the best part Of my Life.. She is the only person who Gets me better than any one else in this world... She makes me feel Whole.. Home is not Home without her... My Mother ( ..)

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