The Top 10 Most Interesting Horse Facts

chocolate horse pic
chocolate horse pic
white horse in snow
white horse in snow

Miss Lil' Atlanta's Top 10 Most Interesting Facts About Horses

#10. Top 10 Horse Facts

The largest horse in history was named Sampson. Sampson was born in 1846, but it wasn't until 1850 that Sampson the horse weighed in at an astonishing 3,360 lbs and Sampson the horse measured in at the outstanding height of 21.hh.

#9. Most Interesting Horse Facts

The smallest horse ever recorded was Little Pumpkin born on April 15, 1973. By the time that Little Pumpkin was full grown, the miniature stallion measured as short as 14 inches high and weighed a mere 20 lbs.

#8. of the Top Ten Horse Facts

Native Americans are actually the ones who developed the modern version of what is now the famous horse breed known as the Appaloosa. Appaloosas are white horses that have spots of usually brown or black. Appaloosas sometimes tend to carry a similar appearance to that of a Dalmatian dog's coat.

#7. Interesting Horse Information

Horses have small intestines that measure around roughly 75 ft in length.

#6. Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Horses

Horses generally have an average body temperature that should lie between 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 101 degrees Fahrenheit.


horse outside
horse outside

#5. Horse Breed Facts

The most popular horse breed in the world is thought to be the Arabian horse. In second place for the most popular horse breed is the Quarter Horse, which are in particularly common in the United States.

#4. Interesting Horse Facts

Secretariat also known as Big Red was the fastest horse ever recorded in history. Secretariat was of the American Thoroughbred horse breed; Big Red was born on March 30, 1970 and passed away on October 4, 1989. Secretariat the American Thoroughbred horse came in setting his record with the top running speed of approximately 43.26 miles per hour.

#3. Facts about Horses

Horses have healthy resting heart rates that average at about 35 to 42 beats per 60 seconds, and horses tend to breath with normal respiration resting rates of only 8 to 12 breaths per minute.

#2. Interesting Horse Facts

Revenge was the oldest horse ever to win a race. Revenge was an amazing 18 years old when he won his horse race in Shrewsbury, England back in the year of 1790. Still Today, this English racer was the oldest horse ever to win a race.

#1. Top 10 Most Interesting Facts about Horses

The Roman Writer named Columella who lived during the time of the first century, believed that mare horses were impregnated by the wind.


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