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Are you looking for hot hubs on subjects like Making a hot hub , or the best career choice of 2011 ?

What makes for a hot hub here on hubpages ?

Or is it the fact that it gets a lot of viewers checking it out on a daily basis ?

What is your opinion on hot hubs here on hubpages ? What do you think makes a hot hub ?

This is a hot hub and there are many more later on that you will enjoy

Do you have your favourite hubbers that come up with a range of topics that fascinate you like Richieb does coming up with a new hub every other day ?

Subjects like hot air ballooning, facebook, travel , Seo - Keywords and how to choose keywords for your hubs , latest news items and so on .

Hot Hubs in Australia

How to make a hot hub !

I think when you go to someones profile page to have a look for the first time & they have a variety of hubs it is good when they have a different picture for each hub rather than their profile photo for each one .

I am going to use one of my favorite hubbers as an example - Richie gets on Recommend another hubbers hub like me every day so I spend some time going to his & Kens Hubs who also joins us as well as Smackins now and a few others !

Richie has a varied range of subjects & a sense of humour and I can rely on him to surprise me with his topics of choice !

His hubs have the suitable photo on top and has some interesting headings which when it is worded right , helps you get found on Google.

When I first started I made the same mistake as others do & not breaking text up into sections so as to benefit by using more keywords as well as have photos in between to make it more interesting !

I also now make the most of YouTube videos that apply to my topic at the time,to make my hubs more interesting to viewers .

Humor can make a hot hub !

Like this !

Humor helps in a big way even a few jokes under the right circumstances  though sometimes if it is a really serious issue it most likely be out of place.

If the hub is about a place of interest then a map fits in to show the area fits in well along with a few pictures !

A picture speaks a thousand words !

I can tell you Ningaloo Reef looks great or I can let a picture say it all.

I really enjoyed it at Ningaloo Reef as you most likely can tell from some of my other hubs like the Snorkeling hub etc !

Watch out for my hot hubs!

Ningaloo Reef

A Picture says a thousand words!
A Picture says a thousand words!

Favorite hot hubs !

I wrote this when I was working for the company However I had to change it , I was getting plenty of viewers so rather than delete it I just make use of it.

This one is popular for rainy day dates !

For people wanting caravans for sale , buy a caravan etc this is handy !

I really want to go hot air ballooning !

If you love love then check this latest one out by Richieb !

Cooking- Food Hubs   A roast tastes so much better when cooked on the open fire !  Save a fortune and use fruit all year round.  Make yourself a delicious dessert !  Cook garlic prawns for a special meal by Kathryn

More hot hubs  Learn first aid & save lives Ask yourself these questions before buying a caravan. Questions to ask yourself before buying a car..  learn some tricks on saving $ on petrol  Make money online while traveling or earn from home.

Jobs - Job interviews by Patti English . this is a great hub about what not to say in job interviews , something that is very important .

If you are looking for a job in America this will be a great help by Patti English

Promote your Hubs

If you want people to read your hubs then promote them on twitter, face book, stumble upon,

digg , in emails , on you tube etc ,

Do hop hubbing, Answer questions & Reccomend another hubbers hub in the forums. This in an excellent hub by Patti English about getting more traffic .

Richieb799 2 months ago

Hey thanks for mentioning me, this was a good idea for a hub, thumbs up!

mtsi1098 2 months ago

a picture does say 1000 words and I actually have tried to create o hub of pictures that only had 1000 words :)

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nishasrinisha 4 years ago


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CyberShelley 4 years ago

Great hub, its helps me and for the more experienced hubbers, it always great to remember the basics!. Votes up, interesting and useful.

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thongwear 4 years ago from USA

This is a great hub so much information and so well put together great job i give it an A

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JustChristianDate 4 years ago from United Kingdom

This hub is both interesting and useful. It enlightened me more. Thanks

Mou 3 years ago

To me, topics like current affairs makes an hot hubpages, and oviously as you said I also feel that humours can make a good hub.

And thanks a tonne, for giving so many links of various hubpages, it really helps.

Thank You so very much for this help.



animals photos 3 years ago

Thanks and appreciation to you for the wonderful effort in order to clarify the information on that topic Thank you again 3 years ago

nice post, thanks

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tHanks For share nice post

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Fantastic hub. I'm sending it to some friends ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your

chamid 3 years ago

finally fount it, nice hub btw :D

Tim 3 years ago

Super helpful thank you. I've only just stumbled upon hubs and they look cool. Just about to sign up. Thank you from Australia.

citygate 2 years ago

Super fantastic and helpful hub thank you.

kivk 2 years ago

Great hub, its helps me and for the more experienced hubbers, it always great to remember the basics!. Votes up, interesting and useful

wisata indonesia 2 years ago

very fantastic view of it

Tai Anh Bui 2 years ago

Guys just sharing, I've found this interesting! Check it out!

dan 2 years ago

how to hack facebook frend

Trick Photography 2 years ago

Thanks for such an awesome and hot hubs.

rafi 2 years ago

I definitely love this! Very comprehensive!

gg 22 months ago


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