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How do I create the sign up referral tracker on my profile?

I've been reading around in vain, Hubs & the forums, I've pretty much learned how to add the referrals on hubs and backlinking. Though I cant figure out how to get the referral working for my profile page to get a new user to sign up. I cannot link to the sign up page, cause i'm logged in. Its pretty confusing. I tried typing it manually the code and then hyperlinking it, where it says edit profile. It ends up going to the hubpages sign up screen but without my code in it..... Any tips on how you guys did it. Much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance fellas!

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Best Answer Marisa Hammond Olivares (missolive) says

4 years ago
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    Clayton (Clayton Fernandes) 4 years ago

    Omg thank you so much miss olive, really you have a gift for dumbastic hubbers like me. All that was missing in my link was the / after typing out i saw it wrong somewhere and going to notify the writer. Thank you so much!

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Teresa Schultz says

4 years ago
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    Marisa Hammond Olivares (missolive) 4 years ago

    Teresa, I agree with you, I prefer the 'link to this page' option when creating referral trackers within a url. Unfortunately, that will not work for the sign up page on HubPages, which is what Clayton Fernandes was attempting to do.