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"Broken Link" Not Actually Broken. Now What? I keep getting the alert, but the link works fine.

One of my links in one of my Hubs is being flagged with the dreaded, fearful black triangle containing the even more degrading white exclamation point, but, the link is not broken, and the "Test Link" exam always turns out to say, "Link is OK". Also, I tested it myself, several times, not only by copy and paste, but also by retyping manually. I know how to fix a broken link. I've done it many times before. I also know how to delete it when it really is broken.

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Best Answer cascoly says

4 years ago
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    Huntgoddess 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply, cascoly. And the encouragement.

    Yes, I was also thinking of that also, but I'm on a library public-access computer.

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kathleenkat says

4 years ago
  • redwhiskeypete profile image

    redwhiskeypete 4 years ago

    Kathleenkat, you fixed my broken link

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Greg Cremia says

4 years ago