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Making money by sharing other people's hubs using my referral tracker

Okay, I've read where I can share other people's hubs and use my referral tracker and make some revenue. As another hubber stated, "this is a win win" and I want to share the articles on Facebook. When I copy the "link to this page" and place it on my Facebook it shows the article. Do people need to click on the article or the link ,with my referral tracking number, in order to get the revenue? How do I share on Pinterest with my referral tracker?

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DrMark1961 says

4 years ago
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    Teresa Davis (tjdavis) 4 years ago

    DrMark I understand how to share..I have shared so other people can read some of the great hubs I have read. My question really was after it's been shared on facebook do you have to click on the link with your number in it to get the revenue?

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Sparkster Hubs (sparkster) says

4 years ago
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  • 4youreyes 4 years ago

    Don't look for the invite from Pinterest to soon, I put my request in two months ago and am still waiting.