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Now approaching 500 Hubs, why is it that those with scores of 80+ consistently are just 6-11 of them

Current viewings (and comment levels?) obviously play a role in a Hub's score, but it always strikes me as strange that a Hub once scored as 90-93 fairly quickly drops below 80, and even though my total number of Hubs goes higher and higher, the number of those currently scoring well remains consistent from a low of 6 to a high of 11! Should there really have to be such a mystery remaining as to how our works are scored? Like any professional, I want to see an accurate reflection of an established value of my finished products.

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catgypsy says

4 years ago
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JThomp42 says

4 years ago
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    Demas W Jasper (Perspycacious) 4 years ago

    So far: no answer in six weeks. I think we have to remember that we are just contributors to a thriving business and, for all of its nice features, the emphasis is on their business.