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Are you worried because Tag was phased out and the RSS Feeds are going away next year?

Because hub tags have been phased out and the plan that RSS Feeds would be going away next year. I listed down how to market my hubs: (1) Promote hubs using its URL links (2) Hubs without tags can still be marketed outside HubPages (3) Creativity on marketing hubs is also needed (4) Promote hubs using profile domain name (5) Submit your HubPages domain name to search engines (6) Old published hubs need exposure too (7) Maximize the use of Google+, Facebook and Pinterest and (8) Turning hubs into photo hubs is another way to promote hubs

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Keith Abt (FatFreddysCat) says

4 years ago
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    Paul Odien Pruel (paul pruel) 4 years ago

    Right...hehehe. We've the same feelings dude..."pain in the ass".

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TheHoleStory says

4 years ago
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