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The Hub Tool is on the fritz. Again.

I've published 60 hubs, and the persnickety Hub Tool has never acted up like this before. It's extremely reluctant to add photos to my latest unpublished hub. Then it's even more reluctant to let me move the new photo to where I want it. What gives? I hope that this is not the latest 'improvement' from our ace programmers.

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Best Answer Marie Alana (MarieAlana1) says

3 years ago
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    Larry Fields 3 years ago

    Hi Marie,

    Thanks for your comment. At least I'm not the Lone Ranger!

    The issue is now bigger than Hub Tool. This afternoon, I read a hub about solar energy. I tried to vote it up, but HP wouldn't let me. Houston, we have a problem.

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Larry Fields says

3 years ago
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