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Where did my New Follower names go that were in the My Activities section

In the past, I would gt an email that I had a new follower in an email, and then I could check in My Activities and see a ink to them. Then I could go to their site ad read their content and have a conversation with them. Now, I get the email, but I no longer see that they are followers. I have been traveling for a couple of weeks with only sporatic access to HP, so can anyone give me a clue? DON

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Wayne Brown says

3 years ago
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    Don Bobbitt 3 years ago

    Wayne, I figure it is the same as with many corporations. With success comes expansion and with expansion comes more employees who fall into the PETER PRINCIPLE, you know what I mean. They have been promoted beyond their level of competence.

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paxwill says

3 years ago
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Ghaelach says

3 years ago
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