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How long does it take for a video to be processed after uploading it to Hubpages?

I uploaded a new video to my video section of Hubpages. I plan to add it to an existig Hub, making it a video hub. It has said "processing. please be patient." for more than 24 hours now. The last two videos I uploaded were there in a matter of minutes. Is it normal for the processing to take this long? (Trying to be patient, but...)

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Romel Tarroza (livewirez) says

3 years ago
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    Donna Hilbrandt (donnah75) 3 years ago

    Thanks. In the end, that is what I did and it worked. I waited a couple of days and figured something must have gone awry. When I tried again, it uploaded and was processed within ten minutes. :)

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Sunil Kumar Kunnoth (sunilkunnoth2012) says

3 years ago