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Are none profile gray hubs approachable as photos, pics etc. Just wondering because my personal

I was wondering did anyone besides me feel this fuzzy unapproachable feeling about none profile pictures of posting from some one. I like reading the hubs of all writers but I notice myself when I see that Gray Hat and face I avoid it, it just may be a great article but because it doesn't have a photo or picture of some kind I go around as if it's a block in the road. Is there anyone else out there that experience this or is this just me. LOL

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lyns says

2 years ago
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Penninah Muthoni (Penny Warugus) says

2 years ago
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    lyns 2 years ago

    @Penny Warugus, yes you are right and I found out where this all started from when it bothered me was 2 yrs ago when I first started on I had several that had that gray box as followers and they used inappropriate language and was kicked off