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Email notification when someone signs up for your referral tracker? Do I have a notification wrong?

Just found five new Hubbers who signed up under my referral tracker! The five came from my profile! Wowza! I am thrilled but sad too! Some have been here for 2 years and I just found this! I immediately sent them a welcome note. I wonder if I somehow have turned off the notification? I need to add this correctly to my other HubPages accounts.

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Barbara Kay Badder (Barbara Kay) says

19 months ago
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    Stephen J Parkin (Dressage Husband) 19 months ago

    Thank you Barbara, I have sent them greetings E Mails now. I had not realized that you could get this information by clicking your referral tracker. It would have been useful if this was explained somewhere.

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Stephen J Parkin (Dressage Husband) says

19 months ago
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