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Banner ads

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    Vickiwposted 3 years ago

    I am finding that banner ads at the bottom of hubs are making it impossible for me to make comments. They take over my space. I have tried everything I know to get rid of them, but they are really aggressive. I have got to the point where I just don't even want to comment any more.

    1. bravewarrior profile image93
      bravewarriorposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      Are they only on your hubs, Vicki?  I notice sometimes when I comment on other people's hubs, my comment freezes up and I have to go back to it.  I didn't associate it with the banners, but I wonder if that's what causes it?

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        Vickiwposted 3 years ago in reply to this

        Hi bravewarrior, I have just checked back on my hubs and they were appearing when I tried to comment on others too, and now, since I posted this, they are gone!! I have been battling with these mobsters for a couple if weeks now. I can't believe this!!  Wonder what the explanation is?

        1. susi10 profile image93
          susi10posted 3 years ago in reply to this

          It could be malware, as I have heard it happening to other Hubbers here before.

        2. Marisa Wright profile image93
          Marisa Wrightposted 3 years ago in reply to this

          Most likely they are caused by malware on your PC, not by anything on HubPages.  Run your malware checker. Is your anti-virus program up to date?

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            Vickiwposted 3 years ago in reply to this

            Yes Marisa

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              Vickiwposted 3 years ago in reply to this

              Apple says no virus or malware can enter iPad, because all the apps are virus free - only apple

    2. Matthew Meyer profile image78
      Matthew Meyerposted 3 years ago in reply to this


      Sorry you are having problems using the site in Safari on an iPad.
      I just tested using an iPad and was able to post comments to Hubs without any difficulties using Safari in iOS 6.1.2.
      It appears you are using iOS 5.1.1.
      I am not sure if there is an upgrade path for your device for iOS, but if so, you may want to upgrade in order to see the features implemented in later versions of Safari for iOS.
      You might also want to consider a third party browser for iOS like Opera.

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    Vickiwposted 3 years ago

    Hi Matthew,
    I do have 5.1.1 and don't seem to be able to upgrade, possibly because I have a dinosaur iPad  - the first one!  That would seem a likely reason for the problem, which unfortunately persists, so that it is a nightmare to comment on any Hub that has a fair number of comments already.  Frustration. I don't know anything about Opera.

    1. Matthew Meyer profile image78
      Matthew Meyerposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      Opera is just an alternative browser.  I use the desktop version on occasion and it is nice to have multiple browsers on a device in order to determine if the browser is the culprit.
      Dolphin, iCab, and Atomic all allow you to force the browser to display the desktop version as Safari is probably showing the mobile version.

      Here are some other browsers worth checking out.
      http://lifehacker.com/5927910/five-best … b-browsers

      You may also want to clear cached site data in Safari as well.