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Hubber scores are great if you pay attention

  1. Ericdierker profile image82
    Ericdierkerposted 3 years ago

    Not one of my favorite hubbers has a score over 94. Hubbers with higher scores are like sissy pants who just write without impact. I know, as soon as I write this my score will go up above 94. And there are great writers whose score goes above. But the are Melvin Milktoasts

    Ok I just pulled the number out of thin air. But I am trying to make a point here. The higher the hubber score the more plain Jane recipe writing that you will find. Or travel pieces about some place the writer has never been or How To pieces.

    Does anyone see my point?

    1. EricDockett profile image95
      EricDockettposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      If your point was to insult a whole bunch of Hubbers, then yes.  I see your point.

      Signed: ~ Melvin "Sissypants" Milktoast

      1. SweetiePie profile image82
        SweetiePieposted 3 years ago in reply to this

        I really do not have time to be insulted by someone's opinion.  At the end of the day we probably all have opinions that others do not like.

    2. moonlake profile image87
      moonlakeposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      I'm a plain Jane recipe person and how to's. I don't travel so none of those. I'm so dumb I don't really see your point but that's ok. If it's about scores going up and down we never know why we end up with the score we have.

  2. SimeyC profile image88
    SimeyCposted 3 years ago

    Darn - there's a lot of Sissypant writers on here! I managed just to sneak under the line!

  3. 0
    Beth37posted 3 years ago

    I am at a a new low which means I am actually superior to the rest of you. I like this new spin. If and when my score goes back up, I will find a way to be superior again and forget this thread ever happened.

  4. Lisa HW profile image82
    Lisa HWposted 3 years ago

    I'm at one of my low-end scores right now, so I'll count myself among those at whom the insult was aimed.  Sorry - I go for insight and decent grammar when at all possible, not impact.  I got rid of any Hubs that had impact.  They apparently don't do all that well scores-wise these days.   cool

    Being a Melvin suits me better anyway, apparently.

    1. 0
      Beth37posted 3 years ago in reply to this

      If it weren't for successful ppl like you, my failure wouldn't be as awesome as it is, so thanks.

  5. 0
    Beth37posted 3 years ago

    My score continues to plummet without reason... I am so good it's scary.

    1. EricDockett profile image95
      EricDockettposted 3 years ago in reply to this

      Everything happens for a reason.  Perhaps you're so awesome you're creating some sort of gravity well in the universe that's slowly sucking your Hubber score in?

      1. 0
        Beth37posted 3 years ago in reply to this

        That must be it. I wont be happy till Ive hit rock bottom.

        *Note to HP's staff: Please stop proving to the rest of the group how incredible I truly am. I prefer to maintain a humble score of 95-100. Thank you.