Do not Neglect the "forums" - How about a Monthly FORUM Contest!

  1. God shet profile image60
    God shetposted 22 months ago

    Since we are so fortunate to have so many wonderful, delightful, philosophers, poets and scientists on the forums of this website on a regular basis - why not capitalize on that? Let us have a weekly 'forum challenge'. It may develop this way. A subject is chosen for discussion (by the staff, or by hubbers through the process of voting) - an official opening post is delivered (for example, "the nest network provider in EU") - and then it begins! big_smile

    In a typical UFC style - the match starts and judges count every blow and counts them - and at the closure of the match - declare the 'victor' - who is then challenged to write a hub on the subject smile  A new way to get inspired to write a hub? You may get a new accolade for that:  'a six time forum hitter'! smile big_smile