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Phone Number Required In order To Publish A New Hub?

  1. Psycho-Gamer profile image78
    Psycho-Gamerposted 7 weeks ago

    I am not allowed to publish a new hub unless i input a phone number for verification ??????
    So i spent the last 5 hours preparing a series of 3 hubs and now i cant publish them ??????
    Because first of all i dont have a cell phone, secondly i dont share my land line with anyone i dont know personally and thirdly there is no freaking way on this universe i would share private, sensitive  data on the internet.

    There is no other way to verify whatever needs to be verified, although i have already done that through email when i authenticated my account?

    I apologize in advance if there is a similar thread in the forum, I searched the first 3 pages and found nothing. I just havent the time and patience to check every page.

  2. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 7 weeks ago

    HubPages requests phone numbers to rule out spammers.


    1. Psycho-Gamer profile image78
      Psycho-Gamerposted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

      thanks for answering
      but this isnt going to happen ..not in this lifetime...im not sharing tel. number on the interent
      i have already authenticated the account when it was transfered from squidoo
      there is no other way?

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image95
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 7 weeks ago in reply to this

        Email the team.  Perhaps they will allow you to provide it privately to them.

  3. Psycho-Gamer profile image78
    Psycho-Gamerposted 6 weeks ago

    it has been resolved
    i contacted the hubpages team i explained my situation
    and they allowed me to publish without phone verification
    i dont know if it will happen the same thing for other people
    but they were able to help me