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Hello everyone !!!

I have many interests in my life and one of them is video games !!! When I was a teenager I used to think that video games were made by/for lazy,uneducated,boring people with no interests at all. Moreover I was thinking how is it possible to stay inside when you can go outside, work out and have fun ( big fan of sports and physical exercise in general since I was a child up until now). None ever told me that games are made from hard working people very well educated and not boring at all. So I couldn't be more wrong.

I used to play 3-4 video games per month , which is alot. But after a few years of hardcore gaming now I play 1 game per month and even that sometimes is really too much, since real life problems and not virtual ones started kicking my door. You know money, food, bills, family and things like that. So I have gathered a lot of experience all those years and I have decided to share it with everyone through the reviews I write.

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  • Video Games Vocabulary

    Video Games Vocabulary

    15 months ago

    Video games are filled with abbrevations and unknown words . Or that is what they think people not playing video games as a means of entertainment. This hub is here to help you !!!