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Inaccurate DUPLICATE warning

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    Ghost32posted 5 years ago

    This is puzzling to say the least.  One of my hubs, i.e.

    Product Review : The Yamaha EF2000is Portable Generator

    has been flagged for duplicate content.  Yet ONLY the title, NOT the content, is anything other than 100% original work.  In fact, it's a blow-by-blow account of our personal experience with that model; it's literally impossible that my writing actually duplicated any other page out there.

    It's not the "somebody else copied your" copyright heads-up we get when somebody snags our stuff, either.

    I didn't put the link in here, this being the Forums, but if anyone has has a clue about this particular bit of weirdness--if you've had it happen, or if an Admin member would be willing to take a "human look" at the page and try to figure it out, I'd be plumb tickled pink.

    1. WryLilt profile image87
      WryLiltposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      It may not mean that you've created duplicate content - it may mean someone else has copied you.

      Click on the duplicate content message in the hub to read more details. Hubpages usually provides a link to the location of said duplicate content.

      If that doesn't help or you want to keep track of people copying your work, I'd recommend using HubDefender, a duplicate content tracker created by Hubpages member Edweirdo.

    2. Polly C profile image88
      Polly Cposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I had a duplicate warning on one of my hubs once, and it was stolen and posted on a scraper site. I asked for help in the forum where the problem was solved by another helpful hubber. I managed to get it taken off the site by contacting them.

    3. momsponge profile image58
      momspongeposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I just got the same thing and I created my content as well.  The only thing I did was added a link to a book that I referenced.  Did anyone figure out the problem?

  2. Aware1 profile image61
    Aware1posted 5 years ago

    If it is only the title that is duplicate, why not just adjust the title and be done with it?

    1. Polly C profile image88
      Polly Cposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Not sure that would be the problem, it takes more than just a few words

    2. WebbyAvatar profile image59
      WebbyAvatarposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Not really. The warning will appear only when noticeable amount of the text appears elsewhere on the web.

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    Ghost32posted 5 years ago

    No, it's not just the title.  On the page itself, the warning wording stated that "substantial content" was involved.

    When others have copied my pages prior to this, the result has been the little "circle c" copyright notice, not the big red "DUPLICATE" entry.  Unless HP changed their protocol....

    Not familiar with the term "scraper site". Time for research...when I can find the time!

    Thanks for all the quick responses to my query.

    I actually don't mind at all if people steal my stuff most of the time.  "Scraper" sounds nasty, though.

    1. WryLilt profile image87
      WryLiltposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Basically a scraper is an automated system that steals content matching certain protocols. Some scrapers are specifically set up to scrape content without writer/copyright details or on sites like Ezine, without the resources box.

  4. Aware1 profile image61
    Aware1posted 5 years ago

    I see, I misunderstood.

    I will run your article  through copyscape for you and see how many results show with percentage of duplicate... Or you may want to connect with copyscape youself. It is rather reasonable. I use it often when writers submit content to verify.

    a second option would be to copy some of the content and run it through a search.

    Sorry to here your news.

  5. IzzyM profile image85
    IzzyMposted 5 years ago

    I don't see your stuff copied anywhere Ghost. Maybe the filter isn't working properly. Tried emailing team?

  6. Aware1 profile image61
    Aware1posted 5 years ago

    The ONLY results that show in copyscape is your hub... NOTHING else!

    According to copyscape it is the one and only... nothing even similiar at all!

    1. brandonhart100 profile image82
      brandonhart100posted 5 years ago in reply to this

      I just had a similar problem with one of my hubs.  I'm wondering if the protocol has changed.

      1. Aware1 profile image61
        Aware1posted 5 years ago in reply to this

        I'm not really sure what could make content that is not anywhere near having any results for copies suddenly show as duplicate here.

        If it is not copied that is that!

        Copyscape is the best and most thorough that I know of. I have recieved content that had been spun and showed many results.. with varying percentages of copy.

        Ghost's hub is the only result in copyscape.. nothing even similiar.

        If there are better ways to find copies... than I'd like to know.. I though copyscape was THE place.

  7. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 5 years ago

    I got a duplicate warning once on a Hub that was entirely my own, brand-new content, and it turns out what I had written had used so many of the same words as other web pages on the same topic that the filter got triggered.

    Just contact admin for a manual review.

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    Ghost32posted 5 years ago

    Haven't tried emailing the team yet; gotta go tackle a local politics battle for the next few hours.  Back late p.m.

    Relache, you're making total sense (as usual!).  Now, if I can remember how to contact Admin....

    1. dingdong profile image60
      dingdongposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      team at hubpages dot com

    2. WryLilt profile image87
      WryLiltposted 5 years ago in reply to this
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    Ghost32posted 5 years ago

    I just emailed Admin (Thanks for the link, WryLit; I really was brain dead.) requesting a manual review as Relache suggested (Thanks, Relache). 

    Will pop back here and let everyone know when the problem's been resolve.

    Really appreciate all the input, y'all.

    1. Maddie Ruud profile image82
      Maddie Ruudposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Hey Ghost,

      Just ran a manual review on the Hub.  Looks like it was duped once upon a time, but is no longer.  Should be all clear now!

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    Ghost32posted 5 years ago

    Thanks, Maddie.  Just checked, and it is indeed clear.

  11. amalloy profile image81
    amalloyposted 5 years ago

    I'm a bit late to the party here, but it looks to me like http://www.electricgeneratorsdirect.com … p2785.html has included your text on their page as a customer review. You can see it by pressing the "Reviews" tab on that page when it's done loading. It's not visible when you first load the page, which may be why you can't find it on Google.

    If they copied this without your knowledge, you may want to ask them to remove it.

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