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My question is, could our perception of what linear time is, be what is actually coming to an end?

Could it be that what everyone thinks of as the end of time, is actually they way in which humanity perceives of time? To clarify the question, humanity ATM thinks in terms of the past, present and future. What if all of the predictions concerning the end of 'cycle' of time or end of an era actually be in the way humanity 'thinks' of time. Our perceptions of the world we live in certainly has held back our limited imagination, is time to bust loose in that department. I'm down . . . who is with me?

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Insane Mundane says

4 years ago
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whonunuwho says

4 years ago
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    Insane Mundane 4 years ago

    Hey there... I have thought those things many times over in the past. Of course everything recycles, the cosmos dictates such. Let me ask you this, can you imagine life without death? How would life get another chance to do better without it?

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CBartelmey says

4 years ago
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    somethgblue 4 years ago

    If you have ever watched the show Fringe that is basically the how and why of Deja Vu as seeing events take place in another dimension and then manifesting them into our dimension. Time Travel?

    The next dimension must be without time . . . ?!