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Is there any local evidence of highly intelligent people before the Indians?

While living in Erie, Pa., local history stated that before the Eriez Indians, there were highly intelligent people living there. While digging the Erie Canal, they had dug into some sites that contained giant human skeletons and a silver amulet. The history said that the only other place on Earth that this type of amulet has ever been found was Egypt. Also in Knoll, Missouri and in Washington and Oregon, there have been remains of human giants that were unearthed. In Ohio, there are remains of a serpent sculpture seen only when in the air above it.

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Nathaniel Zhu (NathanielZhu) says

3 years ago
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3 years ago
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  • alexsaez1983 3 years ago

    Oh great. Another conspiracy theorist. Why on earth would they keep information like that hidden? Would "the truth" destroy society? Thanks for the useful input. You may commence telling me the moon landing was fake...

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alexsaez1983 says

3 years ago
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