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What is the psychological explanation of a man flirting with a woman outside of anyone's view?

I assume it's natural and probably even healthy for men to flirt a little OUT IN THE OPEN, even in the presence of their spouses. But what about a man who would go into the kitchen when a friend of his wife is cooking, put his arm on her back, and tell her she's looking good? I recently found out that a friend had kept this secret after more than 40 years regarding my former husband who subsequently left our family and divorced me. I'm wrestling with understanding the cause and meaning of this revelation. I've also had an old "grandpa" figure do the same to me when no one was around.

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Ronnie wrenchBiscuit (wrenchBiscuit) says

2 years ago
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    KatyWhoWaited 2 years ago

    W, thank you for your open answer. I must clairify - I hadn't seen my friend in years and may not for a long time. I purposely asked her honestly if she remembered anything she noticed about my marriage when we were all young that I couldn't see.

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Dr Billy Kidd says

2 years ago
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    Ronnie wrenchBiscuit (wrenchBiscuit) 2 years ago


    However you want to define the truth, it remains the same. Furthermore, a sexual addict does not make a conscious decision to be an addict. His addiction is the result of various chemical and psychological factors. My advice: read and learn.

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