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Why do some try to predict when an earthquake will take place? We can't do that yet can we?

We are not able to predict when earthquakes will happen right? You see, I live near Portland, OR. and we are apparently on or near a major fault line. There have been recent articles saying we are due for a big one---like maybe a 9.0. But in my opinion it could happen tomorrow or 600 years from now right:? Some say it is going to happen in February of next year; there is no way anyone could know that right?

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Best Answer Joseph Ritrovato (retrojoe) says

18 months ago
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    Missing Link 18 months ago

    Thank you Joseph for your excellent & educational feedback! I will read it a few more times to make sure I understand it all. It's a bummer cause I have a wife, 2 kids, a new house, etc. I live in Hillsboro - 40 minutes West of Portland.

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