The philosophy of American Sniper, the movie.

Was this movie actually any good?

American Sniper was intense as every real life war story should be. I hope that my warning is not twisted into something it isn't by a talk show host like Sean Hannity, Billy Cunningham, or any others! I loved this true story and found it to be very moving and powerful. After watching this, I felt even prouder to be an American and a former young person standing in the office of a Marine Corp. recruiter, in 1989 (ooah Devil Dogs!).

Chris Kyle was everything that an American, a soldier, a father, and a man, should be! That is why Michael Moore hated this movie.

Bradley Cooper played this tough, foul mouthed, but caring and brave Texan to perfection. Oscar all the way!

A great modern day classic!

This movie did not shy away from showing the brutality of "The Butcher" ( Abu Musab al- Zarqawi's second in command) or that of Mustafa, the rival Syrian sniper. There were some very intense moments, and then there was the moving ending of this great movie.

It showed the bravery of a sniper and his fellow soldiers who stood tall while surrounded by evil forces. It was in those intense moments that he applied his father's words.

Here is what Chris was taught as a young man.

His father said, in the beginning of the movie, that there were 3 kinds of people. There were wolves, sheep and sheep dogs. Let's break those down, shall we?

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mary615 profile image

mary615 2 years ago from Florida

I know I won't be watching this movie. I only see happy "Disney" type movies.

MikeSyrSutton profile image

MikeSyrSutton 2 years ago from An uncharted galaxy Author

Oh. Well, what are some of your favorites Mary?

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