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The 10 best fist fights from the movies.

Updated on February 14, 2015

Yes, he could act and fight!


Oh slug fests we love you!

Even though guns, knives, swords and other weapons are used in most action movies and trump bare hands, movie goers love a good fist fight every now and then. Some are knock down drag out that go almost to the bitter end. The longer they last, the better they seem to be!

This list left out all of the matches in the ring and focuses on grudge matches alone. There were a lot of famous actors that were in some "one and dones", so they didn't make it. I hated to leave Cagney and Gable out but that is how list making goes!

The best dozen drag outs!

12. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the predator, Predator 1987- This was a short lived fight because even Arnold was out of his league. This monstrous, and clever being from an unknown world was hard to take down, as Arnold and his men found out. It was still cool though! Arnold is no where else to be found because who from this planet could stay with him?

11. Stallone vs Van Damme, The Expendables 2.
Don't ever kill one of Stallone's men. No matter who you think you are, think again!

10. Superman vs General Zod, Man of Steele. Zod was fighting the highest stakes ever. That is why Superman had to win. These two titans, tore a town up when they went at it, and it was well done.

9. Vin Rhames vs Bruce Willis,- Pulp Fiction. This was a famous knuckle fest by two action icons. Ir ended in a bizarre and unexpected way, but it was fun while it lasted.

8. Vin vs The Rock - Fast Five. No description is necessary as these two massive forces, speak for themselves.

7. 3 O'clock High- Buddy Revell vs Jerry Mitchell. Richard Tyson is a massive actor that looks mean and bad. Brass knuckles and Jerry's friends, kept this one close.

6. Darker than Amber- The recently late, Rod Taylor vs.William Smith.William Smith is the big bruiser from Any which way you can. He fought Clint Eastwood as well as anyone could. This was another great one with the immortal Rod Taylor, who was out of his league, but managed to hang in there. Well, this is Hollywood!

Big bad John

The Funny Five first!

Here are some that I thought were great because they were stupid or hysterical.

5. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World- Milton Berle of all people got into it with his English partner in crime. Milton was the odds on favorite! How Mad is that?

4. Friday- Ice Cube took down the mighty Tiny. That movie was nuts and hilarious.

3. Mad Dog and Glory- Yes, Bill Murray and Robert Diniro had a showdown. It was great, and someone was going to be toast!

2.Hulk Hogan vs. David Johansen- Mr. Nanny. This was nuts but David stayed with the Hulkster for a while. He had a metal skull that he used to head but and block punches.

Ans now for the funniest fist fight I have ever seen...

1. Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) vs the Bad Dude from game shows, Bob Barker!

A fierce battle!

And now for the best five.

5. Clint Walker in a bar fight- Night of the Grizzly. New in town, this Goliath got messed with. Before he took down the mad bear, Satan, he kicked some townee but!

4. Mel Gibson vs Gary Busey- Lethal Weapon. This was as awesome as bare knuckles gets. Mel and Gary both played special ops. experts and assasins from Viet Nam. When they locked horns, everyone armed case Mel lost or won and went nuts!

3. Clint Eastwood in a bar fight- Any which way you can. Clint cleaned out a bar, again! He was an awesome bare knuckle actor.

2. John Wayne vs.Randolph Scott- The Spoilers. They were both very big men, and man did they go at it! Rolling around and throwing hay makers, was John's specialty.

1. They Live- Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David. This went on for a long time and they absolutely wiped each other out! It was a decent movie with a great fist fight!


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