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The 12 best sword fights from the movies.

Updated on February 18, 2015

One of the best parts of action movies, are the sword fights!

"A sword, how Human!" Sinestro- The Green Lantern.

Sword and light saber battle have been such a huge part of action movies over the decades that I thought it would be fun to do this list! Many are a great duel until the set move comes and victory is seized.

Whether the duelers are big and buff, or small, whether the swords are Samurai, rapier, or Arabian cleavers, these battles are always fun to watch. They still are even though Indiana Jones tried to make swords fights in movies obsolete. He almost succeeded.

Here is my list. What are some of your favorites?

The 12 best steel showdowns ever!

I want every one to know that the list will hopefully not spoil any movie endings. I say this with hope. Also, some do include the use of other weapons as well as swords.

Honorable mentions: Ramona vs Roxy, Scott Pilgrim vs The World- Mary Elizabeth Winstead(one of my favorite modern day actresses) has had enough and steps in. The rest, of course, is history!

12. Achilles vs Hector, Troy- This was fun and Brad Pitt was relentless! Eric Bana is a mediocre actor in my opinion, but he and Brad were great as nemesis es.

12.Gene Kelly vs the bad guys ,The Three musketeers 1948- It was silly because Gene was in it, but he knew how to swing a sword!

11.Tony Curtis and Ross Martin, The Great Race- Though Tony spared Ross (The Bad Baron Rolfe von Stuppe) the cocky Baron was left scarred, humiliated, and schooled. This was an intense battle the was not resolved. Will it reignite in a sequel?

10. Commodus vs Maximus ,Gladiator- Jaquin knew how to play a total creep, and Russell knew how to handle him. A dirty stunt was pulled to tip the scale. Destiny can be a bitter pill for some to swallow!

9. Edmond Dantes vs Ferdinan Mondego, Count of Monte Cristo- These two were best friends until, one became overtaken by jealousy, envy, and then hatred. I loved this showdown's twists, and turns as good fights to destroy evil! I loved this movie, and it is one of my 10 favorites.

8. Quenton Mcloud vs Victor Kruger, The Kurgan, Highlander- A big, strong maniac is Hell bent on gaining power and being unstoppable. A quiet, poised opponent is waiting for his chance to stop him. A word to the wise: Big and strong are often no match for quick and smart!

7. Inigo Montoya vs Westley, The Princess Bride- A battle of two masters came down to one move that turned the tide. But can the victor take the prize, or is this fight all an illusion?

6.The Black Pirate, vs "Robin Hood" (Basil Rathbone and Errol Flynn)- Both of them are among the best actors ever in at least one genre and maybe even over all.

A hero stands tall. 6'4 to be exact!

The fierce five!

5.Obi Wan Kenobi vs Darth Maul, from Star Wars, Episode 1, The Phantom Menace- The sinister and deadly Darth Maul plans to slow down a rebellion walking into a trap by confronting a young Obi Wan Kenobi and his Jedi master, Qui Gon Jinn. Obi Wan gets trapped in a room with the Sith Lord and the showdown begins. The fate of planet and the Skywalker dynasty seems to hinge on Obi Wan's ability to win. This was an awesome due between two legendary characters.

4.Michael York and Musketeers vs the bad guys, The Three Musketeers 1973- Michael angers all three of the Musketeers, only to join their forces. Of course first, they threaten and nearly take his life. This is one of the 2 best versions of this movie. Michael york and Oliver Reed were great together!

3. Yu Shu Lien vs Jen Yu, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon- In this great modern day Kung Fu movie classic, these two ladies duel over a man and power. What else? The future of a village may be determine by what happens next.

2. Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker, Star Wars- Like father, like son. A fierce battle that ended unexpectedly, raged on because this started out as a mission but turned personal in a hurry.

Here is the best of them all, in my opinion.

1. Rob Roy vs Archibald Cunningham, RobRoy- This one also, like any great showdown, turned personal. Rob and Archibald had completely different fighting styles. Rob went for the kill move as soon as he could, while his opponent was young and tried to wear his opponents down until he could finally move in. The ending of this duel was awesome!


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    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you.

    • kotobukijake profile image


      5 years ago

      Fun list, and you've got some good picks. Props for including the lovely ladies from Crouching Tiger. The battles in that film were more like dances, and too many people overlook the beauty of the film. However, I take issue with Inigo and Westley being anywhere other than #1. It's not just a great swordfight in a technical sense, but one of the single best stretches of dialogue in movie history. Just a thought, why not also give a shout out to a more purely comedic swordfight, say, President Tug Benson vs. Saddam Hussein in Hot Shots! Part Deux? Anyway, good hub, and I'll keep some of these in mind for future viewing.

    • gposchman profile image

      Gene Poschman 

      5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      You mentioned The Highlander series, movies and TV provides a number of fights and some excellent choreography, the Three Musketeers with Michael York which I liked, because it took swordplay from fencing to choreographed rough housing. Some of the trivia about the movies I found interesting, for example Basil Rathbone was a better fencer then his opponents when he was the bad guy and he even had a hand in teaching the hero how to look good and providing some of the choreography.

    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Thank you! What are some of your other favorites?

    • gposchman profile image

      Gene Poschman 

      5 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Well you identified twelve, and I haven't seen them all, but there is the fight in "The Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Black Pirate, and "Robin Hood" between Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, and I am sure there are others, but the ones I have seen on your list are impressive, but like most movie magic moments they are subjective, and I do love a good sword fight, nice article.

      Gene Poschman


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