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Need help figuring out a horror movie title.

Sometime in the early to mid 90's I watched a horror movie. From what I think I remember it involved some kind of sick dentist/doctor who would travel to the patients house and perform the surgeries. He would open their mouths and go inside? something to do with removing all their bones. An unforgettable scene towards the end of the movie is he took all the bones out of this guy and the guy was left as a puddle of floppy skin on the floor. If anyone can tell me the title of this movie it would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you

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Tim (bat115) says

4 years ago
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    Midasfx 4 years ago

    I do remember it definitely being a full length movie, not on outer limits or similar type shows. but thanks for your input, forgot about perversions of science.

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Goody5 says

4 years ago
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