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What is one of the best blonde jokes you ever heard?

Or two, or three or more but they better be good! Three comments giving a thumbs down on any joke (answer) and I delete the answer. Those left standing will be deemed the best blonde jokes ever of the hub pages. Come on, have a sense of humor.(one vote per commenter on any one joke)

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FitnezzJim says

11 months ago
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TSAD (tsadjatko) says

10 months ago
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Shadrack2 says

11 months ago
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    TSAD (tsadjatko) 10 months ago

    Maybe, just maybe because she is a blonde?

    It is a blonde joke, right?

    That being said, and considering your question, by any chance is it possible, could it be that... no! don't tell me...you are a blonde too?