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How do you develop a stronger sense of caring and responsibility towards others?

I was waiting in a queue at LA Airport a couple of weeks ago. There was a group of teenagers, sitting on the floor waiting for their supervisor to do the passport/etc. routines for them. Then they all got up on signal, and walked off following the supervisor. The last young fellow to get up left a sweater lying on the ground. Several of us in the queue shouted to him, to take it with him, might belong to one of his mates. He did not think to do this on his own accord. Could better parenting instil more esprit de corp?

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Lisa HW says

4 years ago
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    Alan (jonnycomelately) 4 years ago

    Useful points, thanks for that Lisa. I am not a parent, so only putting the question in order to get new perspectives for myself.

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peachy (peachpurple) says

3 years ago
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RBJ33 says

3 years ago
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