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Why would any parent intentionally shirk their parental responsibilities as Will Smith..

and his wife have? Power-couple Will and Jaden Pinkett Smith have infamously admitted they don't believe in disciplining their children and allow them to make their own "decisions". Now the couple are under investigation by Child Services after a controversial photo of their 13-year old daughter lying on a bed next to a half-naked actor went viral. I always admired Will Smith before, but knowing more about his parenting style is a real shocker. Why would anyone choose to raise their kids this way? Out of laziness? Indifference? Or something else?

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Best Answer Paula (fpherj48) says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    Very interesting, and well said!

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Angela Joseph (quildon) says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    quildon, here you go And I totally agree with you.

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Baby-Boomer-58 says

2 years ago
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    bethperry 2 years ago

    As much of a fan as I am of Will Smith, no apologies coming. I saw the photo and if that were my 13-year old daughter, I'd have to wonder what the hell is wrong with me as a parent?

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William A. Howard IV (wmhoward4) says

2 years ago
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    Paula (fpherj48) 2 years ago

    Hollywood surely keeps the Gossip Columns humming & the tabloids flying off the shelves. But Hollywood hardly has the market cornered on "perversions." We ALL need to be held accountable for what goes on in our WORLD.

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Peeples says

2 years ago
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    Christin Sander (ChristinS) 2 years ago

    I have to say I agree with this. "helicopter" parenting is causing a generation of kids that have no idea how to take care of themselves, think critically etc. I've seen the results in family members around me and am thankful I wasn't smothered.