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What games do you wish they would release on consoles, for those of us with no gaming pc.

1. Age of empires with online multiplayer. A new awesome one 2 Civilization. I know there is civ rev, but more would be appreciated. 3. More turn based strategy games 4. A really good Game of thrones game. The one that was released was mediocre 5. More awesome local coop games on ps3 would be nice. Rayman origins is great an so under rated.

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Best Answer Warren (The Quiz Master) says

4 years ago
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    cfin 4 years ago

    I know they have command and conquer downloadable on ps3 from the ps1 store. I used to have it on pix and it was awesome. I am looking at getting red alert 3 on ps3 but I prefer the original ones without all the futuristic stuff.

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glenn wallace says

4 years ago
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