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I was moderated for a picture or video. I removed the problem(?), but it says needs revision.

There was one picture in my hub about "Radical Honesty" that I'm pretty sure I was flagged for. It was an old picture and kind of blurry. Just to be sure, I replaced all of the pictures with videos. They were better at covering the subject. However, one video of an old EST seminar, which shows the extreme methods used, may be considered too poorly filmed for HubPages. Anyway, I submitted the hub for republishing, and the message "needs revision" is now there. This is my first moderated hub. Could somebody please let me know if that's the problem? It's the only EST example available. Thanks.

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Anna Taylor (Sapphireid) says

4 years ago
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An Illustrated Guide to Revising Your Hub68

An Illustrated Guide to Revising Your Hub

4 years ago
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